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Power Massager

Power Massager

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Massage away neck and muscle pain wherever you go!

Dr. Larry Cole's portable power massager is the only pocket-sized portable massage gun that doesn’t sacrifice power for portability, making it the ideal choice for muscle pain after a gym session or an outdoor exercise. Moreover, it helps to relieve fatigue after high-intensity workouts, long hours of work at home or office. Perfect for athletes, gym instructors, hiking lovers which will give a speedy recovery for the muscle pain.

It runs at four speed levels and is ultra-silent. These varying speeds provide a relaxing quality massage for different muscles in your body and the 1800mAh lithium battery keeps it going for up to 2 hours after just one charge!

Cooling Gel Head
Enhance your deep tissue massage and percussive therapy with the Cooling Gel head. Simply leave it in the freezer and feel the cooling relief.

Flat Head
The Flat head is designed for relaxation and shaping, but it feels great everywhere! Use on the bottoms of your feet and your calves to quickly release tension.

Conical "Bullet" Head
The bullet head is specially designed for joints, feet, trigger points and areas where you want to narrowly target the pain and stiffness.

U-Shaped Head
Use the U-Shaped massage head on your neck, spine, and Achilles tendon, as well as areas around the trapezius and calf muscles. It's perfectly spaced to provide maximum impact on both sides.
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