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Side Sleeper Pillow Case 2 Pack

Side Sleeper Pillow Case 2 Pack

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Pick up an extra set of genuine Dr. Cole pillow cases for your Side Sleeper and Side Sleeper Pro pillows. 

Our pillow cases are designed to custom fit the curves and exact “J” shape of the Side Sleeper pillow. No other pillowcases fit better. For something that you use every single night, this pillowcase will provide the protection to maximize the longevity and quality of the pillow. Our pillow cases feature a cleverly-hidden zipper so they stay put and don't slide off.

Made from the same material as the Side Sleeper pillow, 95% polyester and 5% spandex, the ultra soft fabric fully zips and encloses the pillow. The breathable design retains the softness and comfort of the Side Sleeper Pro, so it always feels like its original form. Don’t worry about your pillow sliding out, or crease marks in the fabric. This pillowcase fits tight and snug to the pillow, maximizing comfort, providing uninterrupted sleep. Easily unzip and remove the pillowcase for a quick machine wash. Great for constant rotation, continuously provide protection to the pillow, and freshness to your bed.

Available in blue and white. Pillow not included. Each set contains two pillow cases.

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